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Certificate of Authorization Annual Renewal!

By July 5, 2011November 5th, 2019Corporate

It’s that time again…

If you’re a dentist with a dentistry professional corporation, you’ll need to renew your Certificate of Authorization.  It doesn’t matter when you were issued your Certificate of Authorization.  Basically, if you just incorporated in July, by August 31, 2011 you’ll need to renew the Certificate of Authorization for another year.

So how do you renew?

Well, first you need to complete an application form.  Then you need to get a Certificate of Status (which is no later than 30 days old before the annual renewal form is submitted to the Registrar).  Then you need to have a Statutory Declaration (made in front of a lawyer) which is made no later than 15 days before the annual renewal form is submitted to the Registrar.  Finally, you need to pay the College a fee (either $175 before July 31 or $200 before August 31). The fee is payable to the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario.  There are a few other things that may need to get submitted (e.g. notice of change of shareholders; undertakings for new director dentists, undertakings for new voting shareholders, etc.).

Now, since you need to have a lawyer involved (and it makes sense to avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes), DMC can handle everything for one flat rate fee.

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