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We love Tesla Cars ;-)

By January 23, 2014January 20th, 2022Michael's Operatory

For those who know me, they know that I talk about Tesla Motors a lot. You could say I’m obsessed. And the reason is simple: that company creates awesome cars! It’s a brand.   It’s a cult. You’re part of something good for the world and good for your pocketbook (maybe). They create 100% pure electric cars. And not just any cars: fully luxury sedans, a forthcoming cross-utility vehicle and a model for EVERYONE (in 2017).

It all started a while back when a dentist client (who I would describe as being equally obsessed with Tesla) told us how great they were, how we should all buy one, etc. We didn’t really take him seriously at the time since Telsa had (at that time) only developed a roadster for electric car enthusiasts. But after a few months, Tesla released their Model S (for Sedan) car. And that’s when everything went through the roof. The Model S received the highest ratings from consumer reports and also safety standards. The stock price for Tesla Motors went from around $35 to $250 (this past month). And Tesla is now in the process of releasing a Model X (utility vehicle) for 2015. So we decided to do some research about the Model S, and David Mayzel (my law partner and skeptic) became a believer after sitting in one. It truly is a remarkable vehicle. The company is disrupting the automotive industry with their very cool product. We like to think at times that we can be the Tesla of the dental industry world (e.g. with our website, which offers online automated legal forms for dentists).

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