“When I took the decision to sell my practice, I chose DMC LLP to represent me, and without any doubts, I can tell that I could not do a better choice. Michael Carabash has professionally guided me throughout the 7 months of the complex sale process, from negotiating the lease with a very challenging landlord, all the way up to the closing day. Always just a text, a phone call or an email away, Michael is very approachable, honest, friendly, and a man of his words. An average lawyer would never call you on a Sunday or at 10 in the evening to update you on important aspects of the sale, like Michael does. His client's interests are his first priority. As well, Julie and Aislyn at DMC perfectly contributed to making the sale happen.
Thanks to all of you at DMC, I now enjoy the fruits of my hard dental labor!”

Dr. D

Hi Michael - Just checked and received the funds! This has definitely been an education for me. Thanks so much for all your hard, diligent work, and accepting my texts and phone calls at odd hours, couldn’t have done it so smoothly without you! Looking forward to the upcoming trip to Grenada!

Dr. C, DDS

“Michael and his team have been extraordinary from the start. From our first phone meeting when Michael spent more than an hour with me when I was just enquiring about getting an appraisal, to his phone call to me a few days after the closing to check that I was doing alright, Michael has been attentive. He was instrumental in guiding me through the appraisal process, keeping my banker on track when things that the bank should have done had not been done and checking that my accountant had considered all options to save me as much as possible in taxes. He encouraged prospective purchasers to put their best offer forward and then went back to them asking them to increase their offer if they were truly interested. Being fortunate enough to get multiple offers, he helped me narrow down the list so as to choose the one who was best for me.

Although Michael had other clients, he made me feel that I was his only one, giving me all the time I needed. He would call me after hours, no matter the time, so as not to disturb me during my working day. This, I’m sure, was after he himself had spent an entire day working. Even near the closing, when I began to doubt whether I had made the right decision, he texted me to make sure that I was 150 percent certain that this was best for me and that if I had changed my mind, he would be alright with pulling the deal. After months of his hard work putting the deal together, he put my well being above his, just as we health care providers put our patients first. This was truly remarkable and appreciated.

The team, including Jin and Aislyn, was very professional and helpful. I would receive informative emails as to how things were progressing, with detailed lists of what was done and what was still required. This broke down a big list of needed documents into manageable parts, making it simple to follow.

If I had to do it all again, there would be no hesitation as to who I would enlist to sell my dental practice. I wholeheartedly would recommend DMC LLP to anyone considering making the transition.”

Dr. F

Having not spoken to you in quite a while largely due to Covid, I am not aware of where you and David are in your practice strategy philosophy and life. I remember when we took the Dental Course on Practice Management together that you indicated your reason was to be well informed on dental issues to offer an excellent legal service to dentists. Well I reaped the benefits of your dedication and persistence to understand all things relevant from a dental and from a legal perspective and had a smooth sail in the sale of my practice in 2015 which gave me peace of mind and contributed to my financial security. This is why even today I continue to recommend your law firm to my colleagues.

Dr. S, DDS

“Thanks as always for the prompt reply. This has been quite a journey up until now! I am very proud of what we have collectively achieved to put us in our current position. I certainly have learned a great deal, and appreciate you stewardship and mentoring. We sincerely have contributed “all we have” in terms of energy and commitment to the process. We are so grateful for all your guidance on multiple other issues, including staff, staff contracts, and my parents’ wills. You have been there for us for a variety of issues and challenges, and we want you to know how much this has meant to us.

We look forward to the next steps, and hope at some point we have an opportunity to see each other on a personal level, as we consider our relationship not only professional, but additionally, as a friendship, which hopefully will endure”

Dr. G, DDS

After 35 plus years in practice, I finally committed to obtaining employment contracts for my staff. I had procrastinated, being apprehensive about the whole process. I called David at DMC and was literally blown away by the initial couple of phone calls. David spent unlimited time to explain, advise and answer all my questions. His friendly and knowledgeable manner put me at ease. Most importantly, he listened and truly cared about my situation. David drew up the employment contracts and even presented them to my staff in a relaxed and non intimidating manner. It was a very pleasant experience. He even brought donuts!! I look forward to dealing with David in the future. I highly recommend David and DMC.

Dr. R.T. DDS

“Thank you Michael, your expertise, dedication and attention to detail are second to none. Even though we had a difficult lawyer in the end the deal went through successfully. I am very pleased with the service and professionalism provided through the entire process.”

Dr. S

I am happy so far with your services. I thank you for your excellent work and support in coordinating with my accountant and financial advisor. Your attention to detail in preparing my practice for sale is greatly appreciated.

Dr. L

“Thanks Jin. You’ve done a great job throughout this process, you are organized and efficient with your time.”

Dr. S

The team at DMC were a pleasure to work with! The experience was seamless and Michael was very responsive and available at all hours to answer my questions. The team was great at managing all aspects of dental legal issues and providing timely service. Thanks for your hard work! I would strongly recommend DMC for any of your legal needs. Thanks again.

Dr. C, DDS

“Thank you Michael. Everything is happening so quickly that I need time to digest that it is real. Your execution is so efficient and detailed that I know it could not have been any better otherwise. Thank you so much again.”

Dr. W.C., DDS

Knowing Michael for a few years, how passionate and knowledgeable he is for his work, I entrusted him with the sale of my practice. He advised, talked a lot (he is a lawyer after all), laughed, but beware of his late-night calls! He knows what he is doing and how to explain, organize and guide his client through the whole process.
I also participated in the outreach program that DMC organized, and Michael was even my dental assistant, but he shouldn’t quit his day job; my advice! Jack of all trades!
I would highly recommend Michael, David, Aislyn and DMC for any transaction related to the business of dentistry.

Dr. P

“Purify? Articles? Shares?
What the heck are these lawyers talking about ??? Purify water? Articles of clothing? Share a pizza? Am I going camping or selling my prized Dental Practice and moving on?!

Well, just like having an expert on hand while camping for the first time, the DMC lawyers are THE experts in selling Dental Practices, with the legal know-how to process your transaction with no extra middlemen.

I heard about Michael from a colleague who attended one of his rockstar seminars (cowboy hat and all). When I finally decided to sell, I looked him up. That's when I learned about the mountain of paperwork required in order to accomplish this feat. A report for this, that and the other and then the proof documenting this, that and the other.

As it turns out, DMC does most of the grunt work and layout the required steps for Dentists, like clothes for a 4yo. They also go to bat when needed. Think I'm BS-ing?
- when the Landlord said, "oh, it takes 10 business days to approve an assignment", Michael pressured, "Why? Is someone running back and forth with faxes?" (it turns out the answer was literally yes). Still, the Landlord approved within days.
- when the Bank said we haven't removed the lien on my Practice (after 30days of notice already!), he and David played good lawyer, tougher lawyer with the Bank directly. The lien was released the next day.
- when I started modifying the employee schedule literally every week (thanks to a Labour shortage), his Team didn't huff and puff a bit.

In the end, they listened, and they delivered. What a seamless transaction, like an easy impacted exo.

In a nutshell, Michael and DMC have literally changed the landscape for Dental professionals, from lease negotiating to selling Practices to employee issues. Someone is finally listening to the Dentist and providing what we need. They are simply the new standard of legal expertise for the Dental Professional.

You want a cold, dry, by-the-minute lawyer, go to the ODA classifieds. You want an expert, got-your-back friend, call DMC. First-time camping is not nearly as enjoyable.”

Dr. Z

Good wishes and huge thanks to everyone in the DMC office. The amount of patience and restraint required to deal with these certain clients was truly above and beyond the call of duty!!

Dr. F

“I just sold my dental practice that I owned for 25 years.

Even though deciding to sell wasn’t an easy one, the process itself was really different than what I was prepared for. I chose Michael Carabash from DMC to be my lawyer. From day one all my issues, problems (and I had plenty) were under control. In no time my litigation with a previous employee, a really bad contract with an HR company, my lease renewal, my employee contracts were taken care of.

Michael Carabash guided me from the first minute to the end, made the most difficult and hard to understand steps seem so easy.
From the open house to the transfer of the business I felt that I was working with a company, with a team that had the experience, the knowledge and really cared for my interests. All of them were always available to help me and answer all my questions 24/7.
For me it really was an experience that Michael would call “easy peasy”.

I want to thank Michael from the bottom of my heart for all the guidance, hard work, help, knowledge and support.”

Dr. G

Michael Carabash handled the sale of my practice and he was an absolute pleasure to interact and work with. In the current Covid-19 pandemic, I was nervous about placing my office on the market, but he was well prepared to deal with the current environment and navigated the unique challenges Covid 19 has presented us all. From our first conversation, his availability was excellent and he explained the entire process succinctly. My office is not a very large practice, but I did not feel like the size of my office had any bearing on the level of service Michael provided. He was very honest, straightforward and his entire staff worked diligently to get the deal done. I would unreservedly recommend Michael and DMC for handling your office transition.


“When considering to sell my specialty practice my wife and I discussed the options and decided that we would begin by doing some research. We initially contacted a broker engaging in discussions that were unclear and somewhat confusing. It quickly became apparent that this was not the route for us. When considering our other options, we remembered meeting Michael a few years back and gave him a call. He was very generous with his time providing an abundance of information followed up by a detailed email of our discussion. We decided to further our conversation by meeting in person to see where that would lead us. We were impressed with his knowledge, understanding and lack of hard sell and decided at that point to proceed with his assistance. He very quickly found a buyer and literally walked us step-by-step, word-by-word through each and every document and issue with extreme patience and understanding, culminating into a very favourable outcome for both parties. Michael and his team were always available, professional, patient and clear, providing us with the support and guidance needed to navigate this uncertain and often intimidating process. This step is a very significant event in one’s professional career and we can confidently say that we made the correct choice working with Michael and his team.”

Dental Specialist

DMC LLP directed the sale of our practice from offer to conclusion over a 10-week period. Michael Carabash was always available, insightful about the process, and provided sage input and guidance as the sale progressed. While stressful for us, Michael gave an objective and calming overview of the entire process. We would highly recommend, without any hesitation, the DMC team for the sale of your practice.


“2020, the COVID year, was not the best time to transition from one’s dental practice. However, David and his team at DMC with steadfast perseverance throughout the ups and downs, made it happen. If you want dedication, attention to detail, and relentless effort I highly recommend DMC to achieve your goals. David, you lifted a great load off my shoulders...thank you.”


Just wanted to let you know that I got the cheque for the remaining closing funds in the mail today. As you said, it was a nice surprise – I honestly wasn’t expecting there to be that much left over after you paid out the appraiser and my accountant! Awesome way to finish things off, thank you 🙂 Its a reminder to me of how well the whole thing went. I know I already wrote the review but again, thank you so much for your amazing service!

Dr. A

“I honestly wasn’t prepared for the inner emotional rollercoaster that would unfold from selling one’s practice. My case was unique in that I had doubts from start to finish as to whether selling at this juncture in my life was actually the right move for me – even though I contacted DMC first.

Rather than get frustrated with my indecision, Michael counselled me instead. He gave me an honest, fair, and unbiased analysis of the benefits I might expect from selling vs keeping. He brought to light multiple factors that tailored the sale process to my particular situation. And it was nice not having to feel the need to second-guess what his true objective was – to help me make the right decision, with no regrets. Even if it meant not selling. Michael guided me every step of the way and slowly transitioned from simply being my lawyer to a most trusted friend & confidante. I truly believe he wanted what was best for me and my family.

DMC also procured a sale price for the practice which I never would’ve imagined possible. As well as post-sale conditions that I don’t think anyone else could have achieved or negotiated. I must also say that I was always pleasantly surprised in the level of promptness and professionalism the team displayed in constant communications with me. Truly a credit to their profession. And lastly, Michael was always immensely patient in answering all of my never-ending questions – most times before I even asked. In short, DMC really made the whole process very easy for me. I can honestly say that if a close friend wanted to sell, I’d tell them to “go with DMC, hands down”. I really do thank my lucky stars that a friend cared enough to refer me to them. And every chance I get, I will pass the favor forward to any colleague who feels it’s their time to take that step. My sincere thanks goes to Michael, David, and the entire team at DMC. My family and I are indebted to this wonderful group.”

Dr. A

Here is my testimonial….You are the best!!!!!!

Dr. H.N.

“When I decided that it was time to sell my practice approximately one year ago my primary concern was identifying professional representation through the sale process. I had concerns about engaging a traditional practice brokerage firm because of their high commission rates and too often unfulfilled promises. I was aware of DMC LLP, and the fact that they represent dentists exclusively. After discussing my situation with Michael and having interviewed some traditional brokers, I engaged DMC to work with me to handle all aspects of the sale of my practice.

It was unquestionably the best decision I could have made. Not only did we achieve all of my goals with respect to the sale and transfer of my practice, we surpassed them. The team at DMC listened to my needs and concerns and was always available and accessible to discuss various concerns as negotiations proceeded. The professional fees were fair and less than I would have paid for separate legal and broker services.

When you have worked for years to build a highly successful practice, a great loyal team and patients who trust you completely, selling it is far more than a financial transaction. The DMC team understand this which allowed me to move through the sale process with a lot less stress and achieve both my transition and financial goals.

Thank you!”

Dr. Y

Our office needed employee contracts drafted ASAP and DMC LLP was able to get the job done. None of our current employees had existing contracts so we were worried that the long-term staff we’re going to revolt or quit on us. Once the individualized contracts were drafted, DMC came into the office and presented the contracts to our staff. The presentation was very professional, and they answered all their questions. After some initial hesitation, the staff eventually understood why we were introducing contracts and agreed to sign. The team at DMC made an awkward situation painless. Thanks for all your hard work. Greatly appreciated.

Dr. T.D.

“My lease was coming up for renewal. As I am planning to retire within 2 to 3 years, I like to dot the i’s and cross the t’s in this lease renewal to ensure that when the time comes for me to sell my practice, there are no holes in the lease agreement and the transition will go as smooth as possible.

With that in mind, I sent DMC an email one evening. Talk about efficiency, Michael’s response was in my inbox early next morning. Michael reviewed my offer for renewal, offered his advice and negotiated immediately with the landlord. My offer from the landlord as in every renewal I had since the 1970’s was a 5 years + 5 years, Michael added an additional renewal option (5 + 2 x5 years) for a total of 15 years and added a provision to make it easier to transition to an incoming dentist. All the recommended changes were accepted by the landlord and my lease is now bullet proof for transition.

It was indeed a great experience working with Michael and the DMC team. They were very responsive to emails, and kept me informed throughout our lease negotiation. All in all, my lease negotiation took less than two weeks from the moment I contacted him to acceptance by the landlord.

Any dentists looking for legal advice should give them serious consideration. I am very happy with the service of DMC LLP, and highly recommend them.”

Dr. F

I take this opportunity to express my sincerest THANK YOU to all DMC professionals for such an excellent work in dealing with sale of my practice. Over the extended course of time there were lots of ups and downs due to difficult circumstances beyond our control. I thought that the day would never come…but it did and with the flying colours. The team was always positive and encouraging. Over my 30 years of being in this profession where you’re constantly fed with fear, uncertainty and greed around you, it is so enlightening to meet law professionals that truly care, guide and extend friendly hand of support. I express my best wishes to all of you.

Dr. G.S.

“I first met Michael, David and their team in December 2015 after Googling lawyers for dentists and DMC was top of the list. This was my first rodeo and I wanted to make sure I was working with a team who were competent and experienced in the dental field to fill the gaps in my own knowledge. We hit it off immediately and I was able to literally put in my offer the next morning.

As dentists, it’s our job to give patients a palatable and detailed snapshot of their current oral health situation and provide them with options and work together to address their concerns. As dentist lawyers, they do the same except I’m their client patient! I put my trust in you, and you helped me understand the gravity of what I was undertaking, but you never let me loose sight of what was important. You answered every one of my questions everyday; made certain I knew the effects of my decisions. It was a long long drawn out process, but everyone at DMC played a part to make it happen, which I am grateful for.

DMC turned a transaction that would be stressful, into an easier, growing and learning process for me…and dare I say…fun. My bookkeeper was asking me for things that I didn’t realize they had already done, making this transition process so much easier. So dedicated and thorough!
Side note: Thank you for inviting me to volunteer in Jamaica, It was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life thus far and the reason I wanted to get into dentistry in the first place. Really, if there is one thing I could recommend, it’s to do this!

Shout out to Google for helping me find some of the top lawyers in the industry, I feel at ease knowing you’re on my team, even better, I also gained a friend.”

A Dentist

It was one of my best career decisions to sell my clinic with DMC, through Michael and David. Michael and David were almost always available either by phone or text: even when on holiday. They got back to me quickly on everything, no exceptions. I felt that I was professionally advised and my interests protected. They know what they are doing is the best way to put it and in this world that isn’t easy to find. Because they are lawyers as well as brokers the value was immense: This combination is far more than a bonus, I’d go so far as to say that not having that combination is not a thought through choice. My experience was absolutely excellent. If I had to do it again, there wouldn’t be a moment’s hesitation and I would choose DMC.

Dr. G

“We first heard about DMC when we went to one of their seminars in 2016. We were impressed with the full range of services they offered and their in-depth knowledge of the dental industry. This focus allows them to meet the unique needs of dental practitioners across Canada. Buying or selling a dental practice is a life-changing opportunity and you want to have effective guidance that will help get you through any transition smoothly and efficiently. We can say whole heartily that DMC is the law firm you want to partner with!

When it came time for us to look at selling our dental practice, we turned to DMC to help us with the process. Michael was with us every step of the way. He explained things clearly and helped meet any issues we encountered head on. He helped us find a buyer for our practice who we feel will be able to continue our tradition of delivering quality care in a positive and inclusive environment. We feel that using DMC added value to our practice sale and gave us peace of mind with the decisions that we made. It was a great experience and we would highly recommend their services to any dentist who is looking for expert legal advice or to buy or sell a dental practice!”

Dr. S

I was extremely happy with the service that DMC has provided (associate agreement review). They took the time and truly went above and beyond what I had anticipated. They gave me a clear picture of possible consequences of the terms mentioned in the contract. I was so pleased that I will be consulting them in the future. I would recommend DMC 100%.

Dr. J.K.

“If you are reading this testimonial, you have probably read dozens of accolades written about Michael, David, and the whole crew at DMC LLP. Well, they are all true.

As a boomer who was ready to sell their practice after 45 years of being in business, I was quite skeptical of their pitch at first. Many of my friends have complained about being raped by their lawyers and brokers–even the ones that sold to their kids.

Believe me, you won’t be sorry about using this firm. They were straight with me right from the first. They pretty much knew what we would get, and set up the open house, bidding and interviews quickly and efficiently. We had issues with the purchaser, his lawyer and in the end, my landlord but through all of it, the team was available and on top of it at all times. I mean all times. I had more phone calls and emails at the office in that 4 month stretch than in the last 10 years. When faced with a critical decision they not only would offer advice but were ready to deal with any choice that I could have made.

Like all of you, I like to think that our fees reflect what we do and that we give our clients value for their money.
You will never regret paying these guys for their services. They will earn it.”

Dr. G

Thank you for your expertise and help with the Associate Agreement. Your prompt responses and invaluable suggestions were very much appreciated. The entire experience was truly a pleasure and I look forward to benefiting again in the future from the excellent services provided by yourself and the team at DMC.

Dr. P

“I recently had DMC LLP represent me in selling my large practice. First, they helped me with VARIOUS employment law issues before the sale. Any one of those issues could have been a disaster, but they were awesome at taking care of everything. Then they marketed the practice and found the right buyer for me. It’s not just about how much I saved in commissions by using DMC but it’s how they were responsive throughout the process, protected me, and negotiated through MANY different situations which could have ended badly for me. Many times, I thought the deal was not going to happen. But somehow or another the DMC team told me not to worry and that we managed to get through it. They presented me with lots of options and I felt like he was on top of everything. Michael and David even went out of their way to leave their office (something I don’t expect from my lawyers) and come to my practice to meet staff and associates to help assist with the transition. I don’t think it could have gotten done without them. They worked hard every day and were available at all hours of the day to talk me through the issues by phone, text, email. When it was all said and done, I felt a great weight lifted off my shoulders and was so happy with the result!!! I got what I wanted. I highly recommend DMC if you’re thinking about selling your practice and would use them again for sure. Knowing what they did to get through the sale of my large practice makes me very confident in saying: they can sell your practice too and I’m sure you’ll be very happy with result too!”

Dr. S

A thought of selling our dental practice was, in the contemplation phase, a daunting task for us. After attending various seminars dealing with the topic, we became increasingly aware of the different attitudes and benefits the presenters offered. It was DMC LLP that saw a possible solution to each of our perceived problems. Combined with a positive attitude, turnaround speed, and significantly lower final cost, made possible by eliminating a broker, we made the choice of entrusting DMC with the sale of our practice. They proved that our choice was 100% correct. They made things happen, delivering more than expected. It is called ‘exceeding expectations'.

Dr. J + spouse

“Great Job Everyone at DMC !!!

I want to thank the entire team at DMC for their excellent work and the fantastic experience I had selling my practice. My relationship with them began four years ago when I wanted to start slowing down. I attended a couple of seminars about transitioning into retirement and quickly realized there was more to doing it properly and efficiently than I had originally thought.

In 2013 I hired an associate and had DMC draft the agreement. This went very smoothly as my associate and I felt it protected both of us very well in the event there were any future disputes.

Following this my lease came up for renewal and seeing how DMC did such a great job with the associate agreement I hired them to renegotiate this. Again, some more excellent work done. The landlord was very receptive to the changes that were made and the alterations to the lease made it very acceptable to any potential buyer.

After this DMC, along with a competent accountant, reorganized the mish mash of things that had been set up by other lawyers and accountants, over the previous 25 years , to create a professional corporation. Again, everything was done efficiently and anytime I was confused about what was going on it was clarified immediately. At the same time this reorganization was proceeding they drafted, and help me introduce, employee contracts to my team. Admittedly, some push back occurred and once again the DMC team came to the rescue and got everything under control. The contracts were signed and I felt the practice was now ready to be listed.

DMC then began the sales phase. It went great!!! Like one stop shopping. The listing, marketing, negotiating, dealing with accountants and all the legal matters were taken care of by them. I had never sold a business prior to this and couldn’t believe how much it entailed. There were a couple of hiccups along the way, as expected, but once again they were handled very efficiently by the DMC team. The end result was that my practice sold much easier than I had anticipated and for an amount I was very satisfied with.

In summary, I would advise any dentist who is contemplating selling their practice to start the process well in advance of when you want to transition and use DMC for ANYTHING related to it. Their professionalism, attention to detail, ability to clarify any confusing matters in a timely fashion and their personalities were excellent. I felt I received a great deal of value for what I spent.

Thanks again for a job well done,”

Dr. J

Thank you for all your hard work, you have incredible people working with you and I am really happy that everything went without any problems. Thank you again and best wishes.

Dr. K

“I had the pleasure of first meeting DMC at a dinner lecture after responding to a flyer I received at my office. In any business negotiation the most important aspect for me is the professionalism and sincerity that one engages in. You conducted yourself in a manner that far exceeded my expectations. You were there for me every step of the way, explained every necessary legal detail. Due to my illness I forced you to conduct an extremely fast sale of my dental office. You came through and I am most grateful.

I had attended numerous lectures on office sales by other entities. The first thing I noticed is the high percentage of the sale they take (usually 8-10%). The next thing they tell you is they will find you a lawyer to conclude the sale, and of course an appraiser to evaluate your office. This adds further expense and time. Some brokers will rebate the cost of the appraisal if they represent you.

To my fellow dentists, if you are interested in selling your practice they are the way to go. If you have staffing problems, they have the legal expertise. If you wish to buy an office or have other dental issues they have the right answers.”

Dr. B, DDS

I recently purchased a large dental clinic in the northern GTA and want to say a big thanks to DMC for keeping the purchase process as smooth as possible. From negotiating with the landlord to working with the bank and advising on employment issues you really made this process seamless. You were always available and helped simplify many of the complex issues that came up. Thanks for making my dream of owning my own practice a reality.

Dr. M, DDS

“I suppose every man has a mission & visions for his personal and professional life. In order to walk along the road of his mission & visions, I believe one shall obtain and maintain a specific set of essence & elements. Looking at these sets, gives us a clear idea about people's life philosophies. Working with the DMC LLP team, I observed the essence of their service. I’ll mention a few here. You can guess their philosophy…

Solid knowledge of law and dental business
Professionalism and idealism
Diligence and experience
Client care, communication, global consultation
Availability and responsiveness
And a lot more

Having them as your lawyers lets you sit back and be sure they’ll do the job at it’s best. They give you the feeling of lifelong family lawyers that you have only seen in movies. Thank you DMC!”

Dr. T, DDS + spouse

DMC LLP was a pleasure to work with. The entire process of having employee contracts drafted was extremely smooth and painless. I was treated with a refreshing level of courtesy, honestly & professionalism. DMC opened my eyes to the liability I had within my office and has put me back in control with their employment contracts. Thank you, DMC. I highly recommend this knowledgeable group of professionals to any dentist looking for a great lawyer!

Dr. S, DDS + spouse

“As a new dentist who is associated with a busy office I was looking for a lawyer that could advise on what steps I needed to take to incorporate and protect myself and family. After consulting with multiple lawyers I decided this decision and process was too important to leave to just another lawyer – I needed a specialist.

The DMC team helped inform me and opened my eyes to the options now and in the future on incorporating, wills and POAs in a way that was painless.

As dentists, we all understand the value of referring patients to a specialist when needed – my advice would be to consider this same thought process to your own career when seeking help with incorporating and creating wills and POAs.

I look forward to using DMC on the next step in my career and would not hesitate to recommend them.”

Dr. M, DDS

I would personally like to thank Ljubica Durlovska and DMC LLP in helping me with my first associate contract. Working with Ljubica was a wonderful experience as her professionalism and expertise made the whole process easy. She was very thorough and always answered any questions I had in a timely manner. I would definitely recommend DMC to my colleagues.

Dr. J, DDS

“I can’t thank you enough for the expertise, excellent advice and solid professionalism.

I hired DMC LLP for the set up of a Dentistry Professional Corporation, POAs, wills and associateship contact review. At first, I was worried as I had no idea about the process, but you have guided me in each step and made things go so smoothly that all my concerns were relieved. You have made some excellent suggestions that have never been brought to my attention.

It was very easy to deal with you as you are very responsive and have online services which helped to save time, efforts and money. Your team is very organized, detail oriented, knowledgeable in the dental field and I appreciate your flexible working hours to accommodate my busy schedule.

I am very pleased with your services and I would not hesitate to recommend DMC to any dentist who is in need of a lawyer.”

Dr. A, DDS

I wish to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent service provided to me by the entire staff at DMC LLP. I was so pleased with the fantastic service we received from your law firm. The personal attention, level of professionalism and expertise I was provided exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend DMC to my fellow dentists.

Dr. B, DDS

“I cannot say enough good things about DMC LLP. I have been a client of DMC for about 3 years and they have taken me through all my major professional milestones thus far. They helped me with my first associate agreement, negotiating on my behalf and making sure I didn’t make any mistakes that many new dentists make. Once I began to think about moving into practice ownership they were there to give me great advice. They guided me through letters of intent to purchase and then finally through my first practice purchase. If you are looking for a dental lawyer that is dedicated, accessible and approachable look no further. Remember, friends don’t let friends choose another lawyer!”

Dr. S.A., DDS

Thank you very much for your great efforts! We really appreciate your hard work. Without your help, we can’t close the deal so smoothly and so quickly. Both of us have enjoyed working with the DMC team a lot. Love you, guys!!!

Dr. S, DDS and Dr. X, DDS

“I had the absolute pleasure of utilizing the services of DMC LLP to incorporate, purchase a practice and its real estate, and draft an associate agreement. All this happened in less than a year! As a relatively new grad, I needed a team that I could trust with experience. Not only was the team at DMC all very approachable and extremely knowledgeable, but they also delivered results in record time for incorporating and closing the deal. They were always available, no matter the time of day, mentored me throughout the whole process and ensured a smooth transition. I felt confident in their advice and their abilities, which definitely helped to alleviate the stress in such matters. From start to finish, the team at DMC LLP were dependable and truly exemplified service beyond expectation. They are a comprehensive legal team unlike any other that are highly motivated and invested in protecting your interests for the long term. If you want an impressive, professional legal team with exemplary service, then without a doubt, I would highly recommend DMC.”

Dr. B, DDS

Just wanted to give both of you an enormous Thank you! for such a poignant and inspirational evening. Your business model is superb, and coupled with the engaging interplay between you two, I can confidently say that you got me at tequila. All kidding aside, you’ve alleviated a huge emotional burden because now I know who is going to get me to the start line, and then to that mercurial finish: selling the Practice at its optimal price within a logical, calculated and methodical time frame. So: looking forward to starting Dental Practice Selling Boot Camp with you both.

Dr. L, DDS

“As the new owner of an established dental office I had a bad apple in my staff and was in need of legal advice to fix the toxic problems that a bad employee can cause. In particular, a hygienist which was planning on establishing their own independent hygiene operation and taking some of my current patients with them, as well as causing a rift in the office work culture. I had heard about DMC LLP from a colleague and after having been burnt by other senior lawyers during the purchase of the office I decided to give them a try as they were young and seemed genuine. I was put in touch with Ljubica and had nothing but great results. They were very prompt and thorough in their services and helped me navigate the course by removing the troubling employee without having to give any severance pay, as well as prevented me from having any patient attrition. They saved me much time, money, and headaches and also did the entire thing for a fraction of what the other lawyer, who kept blowing smoke, was going to do. I currently now have them reviewing my lease negotiations and can sincerely state that, as a new grad who does not have much understanding in the business side of dentistry, they are a Godsend. I strongly believe in their skills in all dental/legal aspects and their desire to help dentists from being taken advantage of by either patients or selfish staff and look forward to working with DMC in the future.”

Dr. B, DDS

Thank you for inviting me to your evening seminar in Ottawa. I found the night allowed me to connect with some fellow colleagues and raised some good concerns that all dentists should be aware of. I will be doing some reading and reviewing (everything from my wills, to my lease and of course my minute book). Your comments on staff employee contracts really hit home. I trust I can turn to your firm for guidance and paper to see that project to fruition. I look forward to dealing with you in the future.

Dr. G., DDS

“I recently attended a dinner seminar put on by DMC LLP entitled ‘Transition Without Commission’. I liked what they had to say and hired them to market and sell my dental practice. They did a great job getting buyers interested in my practice (through online and offline marketing, open houses, etc.) and I received multiple offers way above appraised / gross / and my asking price. During the due diligence process, when faced with tough questions, they helped represent my best interests. They were very responsive, transparent and professional about everything (including their fees). The transaction was very smooth, closed on time, and I am so happy that I did not have to pay a real estate salesperson 10% of the purchase price. I saved tens of thousands of dollars by having DMC do everything from start to finish. I would definitely recommend them to other dentists looking to sell. These guys are awesome!”

Dr. D, DDS

Thanks very much for your hospitality and the certificate. The presentation was very useful for me. All in all a great evening. I expect to be using your services in the future.

Dr. J, DDS

“I needed to get my Certificates of Authorization renewed and time was running out. I contacted DMC LLP and they quickly took care of everything for me. David even came out to my house one evening because due to work and family obligations I could not make it to the DMC office. After that David and the DMC team helped me understand and deal with various employment law matters. I am very appreciative of their dedicated service and look forward to working with them again.”

Dr. H, DDS

Thank you so much for all your help! Thanks to your team, I managed to go through one of the most stressful times in my life, trying and succeeding to buy a dental office for the first time. What helped me tremendously was the fact that you were a phone call away all the time. There were moments when I didn’t know what to expect, I felt like had no control over the situation and I was worried. But each time you guys were there for me, not only solving all the problems and taking care of every detail of the transaction but encouraging and supporting me. It really meant a lot to me. Thank you again to all of you at DMC LLP!

Dr. M.N., DDS

“To me, DMC means Diligent, Mean negotiators, and Competent

DMC is a great team -helped us buy a dental practice in Ottawa – we had and still have a great long distance relationship: We usually got answers to our emails almost immediately and in 99% of the cases we got a person at the other end of the phone line. They make you feel secure and looked after. They continue to look after our practice even if the purchase is complete.”

Dr. G (Ottawa)

Just wanted to thank you for your help today. You have responded to my inquiry in such a prompt and professional manner. Just wanted to let you know that I greatly appreciated it. Will talk soon. Thanks.

Dr. M.R.

“Just a quick note of gratitude to David,Michael, and their entire team. This past June I ended 42 years of dentistry when DMC oversaw the sale of my practice. David and Michael ‘s winning personalities, hands on mentoring, and infinite attention to detail made a potentially stressful situation into a pleasant and dare I say seamless event. I wish I had more for them just to see them operate but I am confident we will remain good friends for many years to come. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Dr. N, DDS

I was referred to DMC from a colleague of mine who spoke highly of them. I was looking to buy a dental practice and I had to get the sellers an outline of my offer very quickly. When I called David he reviewed my Letter of Intent and after giving me some legal advice he immediately helped me revise it so I could add some extra purchase conditions. I was very happy with the fast service I received and if my offer is accepted I will definitely use DMC as my lawyers for the purchase.

Dr. S, DDS

“I engaged DMC LLP to help me buy another practice. They were able to navigate through a difficult Vendor, Vendor’s lawyer, landlord, and my own bank’s lawyer to get this deal done. We closed the deal on time, and I’m pleased with the result. DMC is a very professional (and also fun) group of lawyers who really know their stuff. Their response time is lightning fast and they’re always available to go above and beyond. I have already recommended them.”

Dr. P, DDS

My wife & I had a wonderful experience, enjoyed a sumptuous meal, an informative, succinct dynamic presentation with no stress nor obligation and learned that lawyers have a sense of humour. It was a pleasure. We will be in touch in the next number of years when I will need your expertise.

Dr. D, DDS

“The incredible DMC team helped us out tremendously with an employee related case. We all know that the easiest part of our job is the dentistry, so dealing with staff related issues can sometimes cause more stress. DMC was very thorough in handling our case and made sure we were fully protected from all angles. This was the first time I have used DMC and it was very effortless. I will definitely use them for any legal work in the future. Their work is excellent and their parties/events are amazing. Keep up the good work!!”

Dr. S, DDS

Every year I use DMC to assist me with corporate matters. I now also use them as a great resource to discuss any other legal or business matter I have. And even if it is a matter unrelated to dentistry or dental law, they always understand the situation and connect me with the right person who does great work for me. Thanks!

Dr. N.L., DDS

“I discovered DMC through one of their educational meetings and I was very impressed with their knowledge of our profession and the many legal needs that we have as dentists When I recently engaged their to help in negotiating a new long term lease with my new landlord, a large national investment corporation, they helped out tremendously. They checked every detail and finally ended up getting me what I needed. They were always available and prompt to answer any of my concerns.

Michael and David are great personalities and have shattered my notions of lawyers. They both have a great sense of humour. More importantly they give back to humanity with their Dental Outreach programs in under privileged areas of the Caribbean. A very noble cause. Some of this may sound cheesy but I assure you my statements are heart felt.”

Dr. J, DDS

DMC provides outstanding value and I highly recommend this firm to dentists. I worked with DMC to purchase my dental practice and the entire transaction from the letter of intent to the closing went smoothly and each step was done efficiently. The team skillfully negotiated a better purchase price for me and more favourable contract terms. I would work with them again for any future dental practice sale or purchase.

Dr. M, DDS

“I wanted to take a minute and thank everyone at DMC LLP. After practicing dentistry for 30 + years, the thought of transitioning into retirement was something that was difficult for me to consider. The process of selling your life’s work and merging with another office was not something I wanted to consider but it was time. After consulting with several colleagues one name kept coming up, DMC. DMC was exactly what I had envisioned and hoped for; they were very professional, knowledgeable and understanding about the process which made an emotional daunting process simple. It was nice to be able to distance myself from the process and to have the confidence that they were taking care of things. Whichever issue arose the DMC team was able to draw on his experience and advise me of the implications as well as what and what wasn’t customary. I can say without hesitation that I highly recommend DMC for any dentist who is in the process of buying or selling their practice. Thank you again.”

Dr. V.B., DDS

I wanted to sell my practice and asked DMC LLP if they knew anyone looking to buy. They put me in touch with a few dentists, some of whom came to see my practice, and one of them turned out to be the ideal purchaser. I ended up selling my practice very quickly to that dentist in what turned out to be a smooth transaction (thanks to DMC). While there were a few minor hiccups along the way (as there usually are), DMC was there to help us get the deal done. Thanks guys!

Dr. A, DDS

“It was very nice working with DMC LLP. They were very fast in returning my emails, phone calls. I always got an answer to my questions. They are professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and funny too. You don’t feel stressed while going through a stressful process. Thank you.”

Dr. Z, DDS

I wanted to thank DMC for all your help and great work from the inception of our relationship. I really appreciated all the time and effort you took to explain things to us and guide us in the right direction. Having watched how some of the other lawyers are doing things, it has only confirmed what I already knew and thought about your practice. I definitely felt very safe and looked after from the very beginning. . I felt the sense of caring and attention that you provided was really over and above the call of duty! Looking forward to having more time to spend with you guys socially and to many, many, many future business opportunities.

Dr. L, DDS

“Having just purchased a practice with the help of DMC LLP, I have so many wonderful things to say in this testimonial. From day one, they were amazing! They explained the process (which was more complicated than I thought) and kept everything organized and on track. They are a true dream team and I have the utmost confidence that they have executed their legal roles absolutely perfectly. In addition to being great lawyers, they are also very caring, friendly and fun. I leave with a perfect practice deal, a dental law firm that I will continue to use and recommend to my colleagues.”

Dr. A.B., DDS

One of the hardest tasks I faced in running my practice was signing the new contract with my staff. Ljubica is an extremely insightful and strategic lawyer. Regardless of the complexity of the matter, she considers not only legal strategy but business practicalities in providing staff contracts. She is exceptional. She consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that no detail is overlooked as well as to ensure that every case is handled vigorously, professionally and successfully.

Dr. A.S., DDS

“I hired DMC LLP to help me purchase two dental offices. They took their time with me, listened to my concerns, and made sure that the agreements protected me. In retrospect, I should have used them to prepare the letter of intent (I could have saved myself headache down the road), but they did what they could given the situation to resolve any issues that came up – for example, dealing with leasehold improvements and HST, equipment deficiencies, problems with the building, and staff issues. They explained the various options available to me and I felt like I was well-informed to make a good decision. They were also very quick in getting things done and readily available through emails and phone calls. I would recommend DMC if you’re looking to buy a dental practice. I am very happy with my purchase and starting a new chapter on my journey.”

Dr. A.L., DDS

I worked with Michael at DMC to make an offer on a dental practice in a multiple bid scenario. Michael explained every step of the way and took care to ensure that I was comfortable with every detail. He educated me along the way. I now look upon it to be an excellent learning experience. He provided a seamless execution of a successful offer and I look forward to working with him for all legal dental matters in the future.

Dr. A.B., DDS

“This was my second time around with DMC LLP to buy a dental practice. My first experience was very positive and this one was even better. These guys really care about you and making sure you have a good experience and a good deal. For example, Michael went above and beyond by actually visiting with the landlord at the building, inspecting the premises (which had recently experienced a flood and water damage) and then drafting and negotiating a lease with all sort of things in my favour. He reported back to me while I was in Florida and Toronto at lightning speed and made sure I understood what was happening all throughout. DMC isn’t just about pushing paper or getting the deal. They truly want you to get a good deal, be protected, and have a good experience. After the deal finished, Michael suggested that I learn more about marketing by watching some of their online videos and reading their articles. Again, it just shows you how much they care. On a final note, I could have gone for a less-expensive option in terms of a legal team, but I don’t think I would have received the value and service that I got with these guys; and since I was spending a lot of money to buy a practice, I didn’t want to risk anything. I would highly recommend DMC”

Dr. A.H., DDS

I engaged DMC LLP to handle the sale of my dental practice. I have to say I was extremely pleased with their service from start to finish including handling some unusually difficult issues. They were extremely responsive and hands-on and I can truly recommend DMC. I would not hesitate to use their services as their knowledge in the dental field is quite extensive.

Dr. Z, DDS

“I searched for dentist lawyers on Google and DMC LLP came up. So I called and David answered, I explained that we were looking to purchase our first dental practice and needed a lawyer to help us with the offer. David was extremely helpful and gave us his 200%, I was so impressed that I didn't even want to call anyone else. He was willing to work with our crazy schedule and go out of his way to help us. He even stayed on the phone with us till midnight explaining everything we needed to know to purchase our first practice. Although our offer was not accepted, the experience with David was an unforgettable one. I will surely be using DMC for all my future purchases.”

Dr. S, DDS

I had the pleasure of working with Michael Carabash and Ljubica Durlovska in purchasing a dental practice. It was great to work with a knowledgeable and professional legal team who truly care about their client and who understand dental practices very well.

Dr. A

“I engaged DMC LLP to assist me in purchasing a practice. They were extremely responsive in e-mails and phone calls. They also spent a lot of time educating me about the various things that go into buying a practice, like due diligence issues and what to watch out for in the lease. They were knowledgeable of the dental industry, including the players and processes. They also really went above and beyond a couple of times by calling and emailing parties – even when they didn’t have to. They are also incredibly responsive to most any mode of communication and are able to accommodate tight deadlines. They’re not just pushing paper over there. They truly care about getting you the best deal possible. I’d highly recommend DMC to dentists looking to buy a practice and who want to have professional representation.”

Dr. A, DDS

DMC is very knowledgeable in the dental field. It would be a waste of time hiring a lawyer that does not have dental experience. They are fast and extremely efficient. Questions were answered in detail and quickly. They research, lecture and write articles frequently. It shows their interest in dentistry goes far beyond the basics. Their role in our community is paramount. Thank you for your very excellent work.

Dr. E.P.

“I used DMC LLP to help me negotiate a lease. When I sent the first version of the lease, in no time at all, they sent me back with an email pointing out the various deficiencies, as well as terms and conditions which I should try to include to protect myself and promote my interests. The landlord agreed to many of the changes, but the DMC team kept insisting on more (e.g. a longer rent free period, ability to assign to another dentist without needing the landlord’s consent, removal of clauses that were arbitrary and which could be used against me, etc.). They took the landlord’s document and significantly cleaned it up so that many terms were in my favour. And they did that in less than a day! I met with the landlord shortly thereafter and we signed the lease – much to everyone’s amazement. So I ended up with a long-term lease with many clauses in my favour, which I understand is not very common these days. It was a great experience and I wanted to say ‘thank you’ to DMC for making this a smooth experience.”

Dr. A, DDS

In contemplation and navigation of a purchasing endeavour, David and Michael work as a supportive team to both help me realize my goal and stay true to myself in the process. Their collaborative efforts are refreshing with value added extras along the way. Thanks for your guidance and candor along the way!

Dr. C.Z.

“I was looking around for a law firm to represent me in buying a dental office. I had previously heard of David Mayzel and Michael Carabash of DMC LLP and that they only work for dentists and do a lot of work educating dentists about the law on their website, in publications, in presentations, etc. They were very knowledgeable and gave me a fixed-fee quote in advance for all of the components of the deal. They drafted and negotiated two share purchases in no time at all. They wanted to make sure I understood all the intricacies of the deal. They were not just pushing paper. They really seemed to care about my interests and wanted to make sure I was well protected. We closed the deal and it was an overall smooth transaction. I would highly recommend DMC LLP. Thanks guys!”

Dr. A.P., DDS

With the intent of having a new associate join our practice, I was looking for a law firm with experience in dealing with associate agreements. A search of the internet led me to DMC LLP. After providing the details of my situation, they quickly drafted a comprehensive associate agreement that contained clauses I had not even considered. He was also very helpful in negotiations to refine the agreement to everyone’s satisfaction. I have no hesitation in recommending the team at DMC LLP for any dental legal needs.


“I used DMC LLP to help me purchase a dental practice. These guys work fast and they know their stuff. They summarized the entire deal for me from the beginning so that I could understand all the intricacies and nuances of the deal. Then, when it came time to drafting and negotiating agreements, they moved very quickly. They negotiated with the other dentist’s lawyer and in no time at all, we had a deal. For the lease negotiation, they really pushed hard on a few issues to make sure that I was protected to the most that I could be, given the circumstances. Time and time again, they went above and beyond. For example, they drafted the closing documents for the other side (which they didn’t have to), they drafted and negotiated an associate agreement in a day because the bank requested it, and they even got a former associate no longer at the practice to acknowledge that their restrictive covenants were still in place. Overall, I would have no hesitation in recommending DMC if you’re a dentist looking to buy a dental practice.”

Dr. P, DDS

I would like to personally thank the law team at DMC LLP, my experience using your firm to draft, revise and execute an associate agreement was second to none. Your guidance, expertise and team approach was truly appreciated. I would highly recommend your firm. Thanks.

Dr. B.S.

“Working with Michael and David is an absolute pleasure. Their backgrounds of experience allow them to confidently, quickly and adeptly deal with issues as they arise and put the mind at ease. When an issue arose dealing with a realtor while looking for a commercial property to lease, they managed it tactfully and thoroughly. They are accessible and personable professionals who understand that there are many ways to approach a problem: their ongoing extracurricular education in management, marketing and business has contributed to this strong skill set. Their genuine enthusiasm means this diverse knowledge spills over to their clients in the form of great advice and helpful lessons. As a new specialist, private practice seems daunting but having them on my team has bolstered my confidence. I would recommend them to any dentist.”

Dr. C.F.

I want to thank David Mayzel for his help navigating the ins and outs of my first commercial lease for my new dental practice. This was an exceptionally long and difficult negotiation and David’s commitment, attention to detail and persistence toward achieving the best outcome possible was evident throughout. There was a point in time when it looked like I would have to walk away from the deal, but David took the time to communicate and educate me and the Landlord on the unique position and requirements of Dentists looking to secure a fair and sound lease. I am happy to say that I currently have an excellent lease and I am beginning a great relationship with my new landlord.


“I started my new position for 2 months when the principle dentist told me she has sold the practice. She wanted me to leave in a month while I was forbidden to practice within a radius of 20 miles from her office. I could not move else where and job offers I received were within this radius. I was totally desperate, when I found about DMC and contacted them. They were always there answering my calls and emails and guiding me to the right direction. After one stressful week, through their constant pursuit of my case, I was able to reduce the restrictive radius from 20 miles to 12 kilometers. I just want to thank the team at DMC for all the time and efforts in reassuring me in this difficult situation. I know that the positive outcome is a result of expertise and dedication. I am lucky to find DMC and I highly recommend them to my colleagues.”

Dr. M.T.

Michael Carabash is a ‘straight shooter’, did not try to complicate matters….on the contrary, he simplified my issue. His genuine, no nonsense approach is practical and logical. I would not hesitate to use DMC in future dental legal matters.

Dr. A.L.

“This past year, I purchased my first dental clinic…and its employees. When crunch time came, I realized simple handshakes with staff members were no longer adequate and contracts were a necessity. I was panicking as many staff members had been on board 15 or more years. Enter David and Micheal. They guided me through the entire process of designing and implementing the contracts. They helped me focus and make decisions regarding specific staff policies that were unique to my clinic, and advised me as to absolutely mandatory clauses that would help protect me. They provided clear guidance on ways to introduce the contracts so as to create as little tension in the office as possible. Within weeks, I had custom contracts delivered, signed and returned from all different team members. What I found truly incredible was their availability- these two seem to work around the clock to get a job done. I am very pleased with the final contracts, and with how my staff accepted them.”

Dr. C.L.

David and Michael are both great to work with. Very accommodating knowing that as a dentist I have a busy schedule during regular business hours. They worked with me negotiating a lease for a new start up office. It was an intense lease dealing with a very large developer. Through the negotiations they were able to protect me as a tenant specifically relating to being a dental office. Oh ya, best part – saved me just shy of $90,000 in rent for my first ten years of the lease! Will definitely be using DMC ten years from now when lease is up for renewal and for any other concerns I have in the meantime.

Dr. S.C.

“We hired DMC to help us draft a contract with our first associate. My wife found them online and was impressed by their informative videos. There was excellent communication and follow up from the DMC team. Even when the first associate candidate fell through, they generously reviewed the contract for our associate that we ended up hiring complimentary which they did not have to do. We are very happy with DMC’s services and have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone that is looking for someone to help them get a solid associate contract prepared. Thank you.”

Dr. J.C.

I am a dentist working in Ontario. I contacted DMC LLP for legal advice with regards to an associateship contract. They gave me legal advice in a logical stepwise manner and explained my rights and obligations clearly and logically. They responded to my call promptly and was attentive throughout our conversations. I would definitely use DMC’s legal services in the future and contact them for advice before I engage in legal matters related to the dental profession.


“Hi Michael/David,
Just wanted to send you an update on the status of the practice after the merger of another Toronto dentist’s practice into ours. The practice is now running with two dentists and three + hygienists daily and the merger was seamless. All of the legal documents are in order, all the new staff and doctors are well integrated and everything is running smoothly. We’re celebrating our 25 year here at Yonge and St. Clair and things couldn’t be better. I want to thank you and David for the great job you did in putting these two offices together it was really impressive especially considering the time restraints and the time of year (ODA convention). My dental accountant was also impressed.
Keep up the good work and thanks again.

D.B., DDS (Toronto)

Mike and David are not your typical lawyers. They know their stuff, but more than that they are nice guys. They turn any boring project such as incorporating a practice into a fun experience. We had a great time with every form we signed. There are a lot of lawyers that say they had experience with dentists, but these guys really understand dentistry – even block scheduling techniques. I would definitely recommend DMC for any legal or regulatory issues you may have!

M.B. and Dr. N.M., DMD

“I retained DMC to help me with the creation of a Dentistry Professional Corporation. Before retaining him, I spoke with him over the phone and by e-mail. He was very quick in responding and very helpful in explaining what needed to be done, as well as an estimate of the costs involved. Indeed, at no extra cost, he wrote some blog posts on various legal areas which affected me and which I could read on my own time. When things started to roll quickly, Michael was once again extremely responsive. He communicated with all sides and did exactly what needed to be done without hesitation. He helped ensure that the transaction was not stalled. The corporation had to be formed on short notice, and Michael indeed went above and beyond in communicating with the Royal College of Dental Surgeons to get the corporation approved in record time. Michael was also very flexible and accommodating with respect to meetings, which was very helpful considering my busy schedule. He was very knowledgeable about other related topics, and we had a number of informative conversations about corporations, commercial property, family law, wills and estates, employment, taxes, online marketing, among other things. My experience with Michael was very positive. Any dentist or professional who is looking for dynamic, responsive, and hard-working legal counsel and top-notch service without emptying your checkbook should give Michael serious consideration.”

Dr. J.Y., DDM

I am so pleased to be able to recommend DMC for any dentist who is in need of a lawyer. The DMC team made the process of setting up my corporation as quick and painless as possible. Their knowledge and expertise were amazing and they were able to answer all of my questions regarding incorporating as well as going above and beyond to discuss other legal matters related to my profession. Everyone I spoke with was pleasant and reassuring and I am grateful for the time and appreciate the guidance very much. I am thrilled to have found DMC and I’m happy to continue using their services in the future!


“DMC Team, I want to acknowledge and thank you for all your efforts with my case. Even though my case was a complicated one, you never stopped working to find solutions and I am so grateful to you and the exceptional team at DMC LLP. Your team consistently go above and beyond what is required to ensure that no detail (small or large) is overlooked and you approach every aspect of your work vigorously and professionally, leading to success.

On a personal note, I very much enjoyed working with you on this deal. You showed great dedication, concern and interest in not only the deal, but in me as your client. I had full and complete trust in you and I felt that you treated me as a person rather than just another client. I truly appreciate your excellent overall service and I believe it would be very difficult to find anyone who can measure up to the outstanding job that you have done. I would not have been able to get to where I am without you and I look forward to continuing our working relationship, one that is based on complete trust and respect.”

Dr. A.S.

DMC LLP was introduced to me by RBC bank. I contacted them and started the process of buying my first dental practice. Every step on the way I received great sound legal advice and learned about the details of buying a dental practice. The process took almost five months and I was amazed that the team worked every day with the same dedication, professionalism and passion. I am not going to bore you taking you back and giving details on the complicated process of buying a practice. What you need to know about DMC is that no matter how complicated, frustrating, annoying it gets, TRUST your DMC lawyer. It’s going to be great in the end!

Dr. V.S.

“I used DMC LLP to help me purchase the dental practice that I had been associating at for the past number of years. They were referred to me by my accountant and I am glad I went with them. They were very professional and made sure that my interests were promoted and my rights protected throughout the entire process. We had a couple of hiccups arise along the way, but they always found ways to explain my options and allow everyone to move forward. They do their best to make sure that all the angles are covered and they educate you along the way. I also really liked their responsiveness. It seems like they were always available to answer my questions (day / night / weekends). They prepared legal documents very quickly and we ended up waiting on everyone else to get the deal done; they even helped out the other lawyer so that we could all avoid further delays (as an aside, the vendor actually brought my lawyers a gift at the closing because she recognized all the great work they had done!). I have no hesitation in recommending DMC for buying a dental practice. On a personal note, I really enjoyed working with the DMC team. They are fun and definitely take a lot of the stress away. I will continue to rely on them for legal advice and services.”


Working with DMC as my legal counsel was a great experience. They represented me during the sale of one of my dental practices, and the sale went through very smoothly. Michael was knowledgeable and always organized. He was flexible in meeting times, and very responsive to phone calls and e-mails. He has a lot of energy, and truly went the extra mile in making sure the deal closed. Even the purchaser’s lawyer made a comment that he was impressed with Michael’s organization and thoroughness. I would encourage anyone seeking legal counsel when purchasing or selling a dental practice to give DMC a call.

Dr. J.Y., DDM

“I was in the process of searching for a dental practice when my daughter found DMC’s website and suggested I give them a call. From the moment I first spoke with Michael I felt reassured that this process was going to go very smoothly. He took the time to listen to my concerns and to answer all my questions. More than that, he went the extra mile and contacted various other professionals that would play an important role in the process of finding and purchasing the best business for my needs. I feel so blessed to have him on my side, helping me with every decision. Together, Michael and I found a great dental practice and we started the purchasing process. He is much more than just a great lawyer, Michael is a great person who would do anything in his power to help. He made various trips out of his way to help me finalize the details of the purchase which saved me a lot of time and stress.

DMC had a great team who worked together and were dedicated to making the purchasing process very easy and pleasant. I highly recommend DMC as exceptional lawyers, who will go above and beyond for you and your business. They are not only the best lawyers, but great people to work with.”

Dr. M.C.

I asked for DMC’s advice when I first started to look for an associateship position. As a new dentist I was overwhelmed and underprepared when presented an associateship contract. Not only did they help me with the negotiating process they also where there to give me sound advice. I was so thankful to have them on my side and trust that I will be asking for their legal advice for a long time to come.


“DMC Team, I want to acknowledge and thank you for all your efforts with my case. Even though my case was a complicated one, you never stopped working to find solutions and I am so grateful to you and the exceptional team at DMC LLP. Your team consistently go above and beyond what is required to ensure that no detail (small or large) is overlooked and you approach every aspect of your work vigorously and professionally, leading to success.

On a personal note, I very much enjoyed working with you on this deal. You showed great dedication, concern and interest in not only the deal, but in me as your client. I had full and complete trust in you and I felt that you treated me as a person rather than just another client. I truly appreciate your excellent overall service and I believe it would be very difficult to find anyone who can measure up to the outstanding job that you have done. I would not have been able to get to where I am without you and I look forward to continuing our working relationship, one that is based on complete trust and respect.”

Dr. A.S.

As a young dentist, I felt it was important to find great partners in order to avoid many years of inadequate advice. It’s a great value to have experts who have chosen to focus on our profession.