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The largest expense of any dental practice is your employees, but they are also your biggest asset. DMC will help you understand your rights and obligations and minimize the risks associated with being an employer. You are in the business of creating smiles and having smiles across your team member’s faces is a sure sign that you’ll see them on your patients’ faces.

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From associate agreements and employment contracts to office policy manuals and ongoing employee issues which may arise with your team, DMC is here to assist you with it all. Employment law is constantly in flux, and without a review and update of your policies and procedures, you might find yourself with employment agreements and office policy manuals that are out of date or obsolete. DMC’s Employment Team can review your current contracts and policies, and determine a strategy to implement new policies, procedures, and agreements to protect you and your practice.

Why do I need contracts for my team?

Having proper contracts ensures that everyone understands the nature of the working relationship by setting the parameters on the rights and obligations of all parties. It can limit future liabilities (e.g. the amount you may have to pay to an ex-employee), help you in court should a former employee ever seek compensation from you, and offer clarity on matters that Ministry of Labour can enforce. Proper employee and associate agreements can also protect or increase the value of your practice when you decide to sell, by offering the purchaser the ability to forecast potential future liability and eliminating the complication for the new owner of having to introduce contracts to people they do not have a rapport with yet.

Does a policy manual really help my practice?

Every dentist office is different and has their own way of doing things. However, there are also laws that mandate specific policies and procedures in all workplaces. Would your team know what your policies are if questioned by the Ministry of Labour of an IPAC representative? Do the policies form part of their employment contract? Without a written policy manual, there is room for confusion and trouble if your team is not on the same page as you or applying policies they learned at other offices. An office policy manual can help your practice run smoother by acting as a written playbook, detailing routine procedures, and what to do in most situations that could arise in a dental office (e.g. injuries, harassment, patient standard of care, etc.). By either creating or updating your existing policy manual, DMC will give you peace of mind knowing that you and your practice are compliant with the current labour and health care laws and that your entire team is delivering a consistently superior experience to your patients.

My team is great. Why would I need a lawyer?

Being an employer can be difficult and is rendered even more so with constant changes to labour laws (especially in Ontario). Dentists need to regularly review their employee contracts, office policies, and office procedures to ensure they are legally compliant. If you have employees and associates, then you’ll also want to make sure they are on contracts that protect you and the investment you have made in your dental practice. At DMC, we offer a full suite of employment law and Human Resource services – tailored specifically for your needs as a dentist. We can review your employment agreements and policies, determine a strategy to implement new contracts and procedures, and advise and help you deal with day-to-day employee matters that can potentially cost you or derail your practice.

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