Ensure Your Corporate Compliance is as Precise as Your Dental Work



Whether you’re a sole practitioner, a new practice owner, or overseeing multiple locations, our membership ensures that your legal obligations are met with precision and ease.



At DMC, we understand that the focus of your dental practice should be on providing exceptional care to your patients, not getting bogged down by the complexities of corporate compliance.That’s why we developed the Corporate Maintenance Membership – a smarter, more efficient way to manage your corporate records.

Expert Guidance, Tailored to Dental Professionals

Backed by years of specialized experience in the dental industry, our services are explicitly designed for Canada-based dentists operating through a corporation. This program is tailored to the unique needs of dentists, ensuring that your corporations remain legally compliant, manage risks effectively, and uphold the best practices in an ever-changing legal landscape.

Effortless Compliance, Focused Care

Let us handle the intricacies of corporate compliance and legal maintenance so you can focus on what matters most—providing top-notch dental care. Our team streamlines your corporate maintenance with precise attention to detail—ensuring your corporate records are not just updated but a mirror reflecting the professionalism of your practice

Cost-effective Solution, Customizable Options

Our Corporate Maintenance Membership is designed to be cost-effective, with savings for multiple corporations and member-exclusive discounts on additional services. We believe in transparent pricing to help you budget effectively while knowing your corporate maintenance needs are covered. For dentists requiring more tailored services or multiple corporations, we offer bundled pricing based on your specific needs. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your options.


Comprehensive Compliance Management

  • Stay updated with the latest regulatory changes and ensure your practice remains compliant without lifting a finger.
  • From annual resolutions to the maintenance of minute books, we handle everything, so you don’t have to worry about penalties or missed deadlines.

Tax Benefit Support

  • By working directly with your accountant, we maintain accurate documentation for your corporation that can support tax claims, the application of the dividend tax credit, and the tax treatment of capital distribution, ensuring optimal tax benefits.

Risk Management

  • Mitigate risks associated with non-compliance through continuous monitoring and timely updates of your corporate records.

Dispute Protection

  • Protect your practice’s reputation with a clear record of corporate decisions and shareholder changes that are easily accessible should disputes among shareholders or third-party claims arise.

Dedicated Legal Expertise

  • Access to experienced legal professionals specializing in the dental industry for consultation on corporate governance matters throughout the year to support your practice’s growth and evolution.

Trust in DMC to guide you through the ever-changing legal landscape, safeguarding your practice’s future.


Many dental professionals experience challenges maintaining their corporate entities in good standing and balancing clinical responsibilities with business management tasks. Our Corporate Maintenance Membership precisely addresses those challenges.

New Practice Owners: Start on the right legal footing with comprehensive corporate maintenance that scales as you grow.

Seasoned Owners: Streamline operations and reduce overhead by outsourcing complex compliance tasks.

Multi-Practice Managers: Coordinate compliance across multiple locations efficiently, with centralized control and reporting.

The DMC difference lies in our singular focus on the dental industry, pairing unparalleled expertise with a personal touch. Don’t let legal complexities slow down your practice’s potential.


  • Enrollment: You can register year-round, with bundled rates for dentists with multiple corporations. Sign up online or contact us to discuss your options.
  • Comprehensive Record Assessment: A thorough initial examination and organization of your minute book to ensure all records are current and compliant.
  • Annual Maintenance: Each year, after your corporate year-end, we will complete your annual maintenance and filings in coordination with your accountant.
  • Anytime Updates: Don’t wait until year-end. From address and officer changes to new business name registrations and renewals, we will update your Virtual Minute Book any time you make changes to your corporation.
  • Online Access: Members always have digital access to a Virtual Minute Book with secure documentsharing tools to keep stakeholders informed.
  • Legal Notices: Receive regular alerts on legislative changes affecting your corporate obligations and minute book maintenance.

With DMC’s Corporate Maintenance Membership, you’re not just complying with the law but setting a foundation for success and growth. Enroll today, and rest assured that you are fully covered by experts who care about your business as much as you do.


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    Additionally, it covers new business name registrations, business name renewals, and the preparation of corporate profile reports for your RCDSO renewal applications. With our membership, there are no hidden charges per page or document—just straightforward, all-inclusive service to keep your practice compliant and efficient.


    Unlock a year of comprehensive corporate maintenance for your corporation at only $550* annually. This flat rate includes essential updates such as dividend declarations, audit exemptions, and changes in addresses, directors, or officers.


    Members also receive exclusive discounts for any additional corporate services, such as new incorporations, changes to shareholders or articles, and complete corporate reorganizations.


    Have more than one corporation? Don’t worry. We offer a bundle discount for members enrolling with more than one corporation. Contact us for more details.

    *Annual pricing is per corporation and does not include applicable taxes and applicable disbursements. Disbursements are charged at the end of each subscription year.



    Why should I pay for corporate maintenance services when I can handle it myself?

    While managing corporate compliance internally is possible, it requires significant time and expertise to stay updated with the constantly changing legal landscape. Our Corporate Maintenance Membership not only ensures you meet all legal requirements but also frees up your time so you can focus on patient care and growing your practice.

    Isn't corporate maintenance an unnecessary expense for a small practice?

    Think of corporate maintenance as an investment in your practice’s stability and future. Small practices, in particular, can benefit greatly as non-compliance can lead to hefty fines and disruptions that are much more costly than our annual subscription fee.

    How does your service adapt to my specific needs?

    Our Corporate Maintenance Membership is highly customizable. We start with a basic package that covers all fundamental aspects of corporate compliance, and from there, we can add services tailored to you, whether you’re expanding, merging, or just starting out.

    Can I cancel my subscription if I'm not satisfied or no longer need the service?

    Absolutely. We strive to provide value that justifies your investment, but we understand that circumstances change. Our subscriptions can be cancelled with 30 days’ notice, giving you the flexibility you need as your practice evolves.


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    Ready to Ensure Your Corporate Compliance with Ease?

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