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10 Best Gift Ideas for Men

By December 5, 2017September 2nd, 2022Michael's Operatory

Ok, so here’s my top 10 things every guy should have (you are welcome ladies!):

  1. A ratchet-style belt.  These are simply awesome.  They don’t have any holes.  They fit perfectly, every time.  And they’re good quality.  I particularly like the SlideBelt company.  You can buy their belts from Amazon.  Basically, they come to your door, disassembled. You need to measure your waist with the leather strap part of the belt.  Then, because it’s already too long (that’s how it comes), you need to CUT a few inches off the leather at one end using a pair of scissors.  Then you attach the buckle (which are interchangeable if you buy more than 1) by clamping down.  Then, as you slide through the leather belt through the buckle, it tightens through a unique ratcheting system.  Very cool.  Guys will love it.
  2. Apple Watch.  At first, I didn’t know what I could do with this.  But then it started to show me.  Like measuring my heart rate (so I can try to make it go down).  Telling me to get up and dance, listening to some music, or just stand up.  Or taking a minute to breathe (there’s an APP for that).   I set some activity goals so it keeps me motivated to complete them.  In the morning it shows me my weekly / monthly progress and says ‘Keep Going!’  It also shows me (just by glancing) who’s calling/texting/emailing / face-booking, etc.  You don’t have to be rude at the dinner table by whipping out a giant phone and texting away.  You can just glance at your watch and maybe not respond or tap to give a quick/standard response.  But you can also dictate into the watch and it can send a more elaborate response.  I think the Apple Watch is awesome and, if you get (and you should get) a variety of wrist bands, you can now make it a fashionable thing that matches the rest of what you’re wearing.  When I got mine, the first thing my 4 year old did was drop it on the floor (it now has a tiny dent on the side).  So the best thing is to protect it with some kind of casing.  I got the Rugged Armour / Shock Resistant protector and it’s great.
  3. Brown Dress Shoes.  Yes, I know Justin Trudeau made them popular. But every guy needs them in his wardrobe.  I like Rockport shoes since they’re super light and comfortable.  They also have shock absorption and “total motion” functionality. When I got my pair, the first thing my 1.5 year old (Danny) did was scratch it with his nails.  Just one swipe.  Wonderful!  So I got some brown shoe cream and you put some of that on, wait for it to dry, then wipe off the excess and buff it using a brown shoe shiner and guess what – you’re back in the game (scratch marks = erased!).
  4. A nice sports coat and vest.    Make sure they fit properly or have them adjusted/tapered.
  5. Fashion Anchors | Collar Stays.  These are very cool.  They’re basically little flattened glue balls that stick to your shirt. They’re completely disposable after you’re done wearing them (they stay sticky all day).  They don’t damage your shirt either.  So no more flimsy golf shirt collars looking sad.  These little guys keep ’em perked up all day long.  Just don’t forget where you put them (hopefully in the garbage) when you take them off.  They’re clear but they have a little beige hue.  I ended up putting them on my ironing table after getting undressed and then I accidentally ironed them while trying to iron my shirt and it was a little bit of a mess (I ended up throwing the shirt out). Best way to put them on is to NOT involve touching them with your fingers.  Just peel back the waxed paper and stick them to your collar (near the tip/end of your collar) and then press them down into your shirt and they’ll stick.  Again: don’t touch them with your fingers.
  6. Vitamins.  I’ve talked about this before HERE.  You should, in consultation with your family physician, go out and get some Vitamins (A, B, C, D, and E is what I’m taking).  You’ll feel great that you’re investing in your health.
  7. Insanity Max 30.  This is from the same company (Beachbody) that brought you P90X, T25, Insanity, and Asylum (among others).  You can basically workout in your home; it’s tough but only lasts 30 minutes.  For those of us with fast-paced lives, this is a great workout.  You’ll need some floor mats, some dumbbells (for some of the workouts) and a never-die attitude.  You’ll feel great after doing these workouts for a few weeks and, combined with everything else, will look great too.
  8. Perfume for men.  I’m wearing Burberry these days.  A little expensive, but worth it (judging by the way my wife attacks me when I spritz it on).  I previously wore Tom Ford and Guy Laroche, but I’m enjoying the Burberry.
  9. A gift card/store credit from a REAL BARBER Shoppe.  I like my classically trained barber (Tony; Portuguese guy; owner/operator) at By the Blade Barbers in Ajax because he takes his time, does a really good job and just started up this place after getting fed up with lack of service / excessive prices at other places he’s worked at.  Plus, he makes you look sharp. Real sharp.  If you’re in Ajax, drop by and tell him I said hi.  He’s not just a barber.  He takes his time to understand the nuances of your head and to deliver what you want.  I’m there pretty much every month or so.  Plus, he’s a cool guy and I wish him success in his business (cutting hair is tough out there with all the competition).
  10. An electric outdoor smoker.  I’ve had one for a few months now (a Masterbuild 40″ Electric Outdoor Smoker)and I’m totally in love with the way the meat and corn taste when they come out.  My favourite: beef filet steaks.  A few hours of smoking at 250 degrees with some Mesquite wood and I’m in heaven (apparently everyone else who tries them says they’re the best tasting steaks they’ve ever had).  Sorry, Mr. BBQ, but you’re only good for cooking fish and poultry now 😉  There are some new smokers coming out – like the Pellet Smokers which are combining traditional BBQs with more convenient touch-of-a-button smokers. The only issue is that Pellets are more or less recombined sawdust, so the flavour is much lighter than burning wood chips.  This is a big investment, so you really do need to love your steaks, roasts, ribs, etc.  My specialities: beef ribs, beef filets steaks, roasts, corn, pork tenderloins and pork ribs.  Warning: everything will smell like smoked meat once you bring it into the house.  It’s very powerful stuff and extremely tasty!  You’ll want to get some leg attachments and a concrete-style floormat for your outdoor smoker, along with a cover.  Warning: these things do get messy in there, so be prepared to clean it out every now and then.

Still need more ideas?   Here are some: anything to do with GOLF (a gift card?), Play Station Virtual Reality Bundle, a gift card at a men’s clothing store, etc.  Men want to look good, feel good, and talk about it.  So indulge them, will you?

There you have it.  Gift ideas for men.  Happy shopping!

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