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7 days and 7 pounds later

By February 18, 2015June 27th, 2023Michael's Operatory

Since starting this weight loss challenge with my colleague Ben (who has his own blogs about this topic), and with my wife’s support, I’ve lost 7 pounds in 7 days. Yes, some of you will say it’s water. Some will say I simply went to the bathroom. But the reality is this: the juice diet is working to take and keep the weight off.   Now, a few things to keep in mind…

It’s Not Easy

There are temptations everywhere. When you go to the grocery store, your eyes turn to the flashy packages of this and that. But you need to reminder yourself of how good you feel, how good you’re looking, and how eating those things will only bring you pain. Case in point, I cheated a little bit by having a cup of ice cream (my Achilles Heel). Afterwards, I felt bloated, tired, groggy, and miserable. My body, apparently, didn’t like the dairy after not having had to process it for a number of days.

You Feel Great (after a few days of juice-ing)

After a few days of juicing, I actually felt great. Lots of energy (like I was on adrenaline for some parts of the day). Not tired at all. I could stay up later, sleep less, and wake up earlier.

What About Protein?

I’ve been adding tuna, chicken breast, and fish to my diet to supplement the juicing.

Fill Your Fridge With the Good Stuff

If you look inside your fridge, what do you see? My fridge is now full of amazing colours: red tomatoes/strawberries/peppers, kale/apples/celery/cucumber, yellow peppers and pineapples, orange oranges, yellow lemons, etc. When I see these things, I just want to grab some combination that might taste good and start juicing. FYI, I now have two (2) go to juices: a green one and a very zesty/tropical orange one. Since the latter has lots of sugars, I have it only once every few days. It sure tastes good though!

Talking About It

I’ve been talking about the juicing non-stop to anyone who will listen. The result: they really liked the juice (but not my brother) and they’re getting into it as well!

Final Thoughts

Although I’ve lost 7 pounds in 7 days, there’s still lots more weight to go. And I’m in some serious temptation waters over the next few weeks: a Western Caribbean Cruise and then Beaches Turks with the family. There will be plenty of ice cream at both and I will have to resist as much as humanely possible. Otherwise, Ben might win this little competition come April and my early success will have been for nothing!

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