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More on changes to HR in the 2017 Budget

By April 24, 2017November 5th, 2019Employment Law

Here is a brief overview of changes we can expect as a result of the 2017 Federal Budget in terms of employment:

1. Enhancements to EI Benefits

There are some new and updated benefits for Canadians seeking employment insurance.  The first is a new 15-week EI caregiver benefit for individuals caring for an adult family member who is recovering from a critical injury or illness. Parents still have their 35 weeks of EI benefits to care for critically ill or injured children.

There is also an extension of the maximum period during which parents can receive EI parental benefits: from 12 to up to 18 months (subject to certain conditions).

For pregnant women,  the number of weeks for which they can claim EI maternity benefits before their due date may be bumped from 8 to 12 weeks. This may mean that employers have have to increase benefit costs if they provide mat leave top-ups.

2. More Money for Tax Enforcement

The new budget gives new money to the CRA for their enforcement initiatives, including increased verification activities.

3. Standardized Electronic T4 Delivery

As all employers already know, under current rules, they are required to mail employees paper copies of their T4 slips, and can only email them if the employee gives consent.

The new budget allows for electronic delivery of T4s to current employees without consent, provided that employers follow certain privacy requirements that the CRA will present in the near future.

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