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DMC Expanding Dental Outreach Program to Sint Maarten

By May 23, 2022May 24th, 2022Outreach

We are currently organizing the following dental outreach programs for 2022:

  • Grenada (August 19- August 27 with U of T dental students).  FULL but we may need 2 male supervising dentists.
  • Grenada (August 28-September 5).  FULL.
  • Jamaica (August 18 to August 27 with UWO dental students).  FULL.
  • Turks (October 6 – 15).  FULL.

From May 9-13, 2022, I took a group of past volunteer dentists and dental consultants (also spouses of dentists) down to Sint Maarten to discuss setting up a dental outreach program there for 2023.  We met with the Sint Maarten Development Fund (“SMFD“, an NGO that runs various amazing social programs for the people of Sint Maarten) AND Public Health Minister Omar Ottley.  During that meeting, he asked us how soon we could set up and we replied: Q4 of 2023 (i.e. November / December 2023).  His response: “That won’t do. We need the program for Q2 – June 2023 at the latest!

Left to Right: Makhicia Brooks (SMDF), Ronald Fung (Dental Consultant), Michael Carabash (DMC), Public Health Minister Omar Ottley, Dr. James Vassallo, Peter Dimakos and Jennai Marlin (SMDF)

We are collectively shocked. But once we found our composure, we told the Sint Maarten Development Fund and the Public Health Minister that, if they can get everything organized for us (authorizations, accommodations, clinic site, etc.), then we’d come back Q2 with 100 volunteers over a 2-3 week period to serve 1,000 patients in need for free.

If you’re interested in coming down to Sint Maarten to volunteer (doing extractions, restorations, hygiene, etc.) for our inaugural year (and hopefully it becomes an annual trip), then please reach out to me (; 647.680.9530) to be put on the waiting list.  Note: many of the dentists who come down are typically contemplating selling, are preparing for a sale or who have sold (they have time on their hands and they want to give back).

And watch out for my forthcoming article in Oral Health about Sint Maarten… I personally guarantee you’ll fall in love with my favourite Caribbean island ;-). For past articles about Jamaica, Grenada and Turks, you can ready my previous articles HERE.

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