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Happy New Year (this makes sense if you’re Iranian)!

By March 21, 2015January 21st, 2022Michael's Operatory

Each year, on or about the first day of Spring (i.e. March 21), Iranians celebrate the New Year. There are big parties, interesting traditions, poetry recitations, and even money exchanges hands! Thanks to being married to a Persian woman (Parastou), I get the benefit of celebrating New Year’s twice in each year. So if you know someone who is Persian, say “Happy Nowruz!” or “Eid Mubarak!” today (the 21st).

You can learn more about Nowruz on this page.

FYI, part of the tradition is having a display that looks like this in your house:


Each of the 7 items begin with letter “S” (called Haft-Seen) and have unique meanings which you can read up here (e.g. rebirth, affluence, love, medicine, beauty, health, sunrise, patience, and old age).

So Happy Nowruz!

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