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New Labour Blitzes Announced:The Ministry of Labour Could be Knocking on Your Door Next!

By April 13, 2018June 27th, 2023Employment Law, Practice Management

The Ministry of Labour (MOL) just announced its upcoming 2018-2019 blitz initiatives. One of the blitzes will focus on the health care sector, including dental offices!

According to the MOL, the healthcare blitzes will focus, among other things, on

  • health and safety hazards
  • internal responsibility systems/workplace violence prevention
  • prevention education
  • high hazards
  • chemical handling

If an MOL officer enters your office during their blitz, they may also inspect all other aspects of your practice including:

  • that you are obeying the new personal emergency leave laws
  • that overtime is being paid appropriately
  • that public holiday pay is being paid in accordance with the minimum standards
  • that vacation is paid in accordance with the minimum standards
  • that your office is complying with equal work for equal pay standards
  • plus more!

WARNING: fines for non-compliance with the Employment Standards Act go as high as $50,000 and 12 months imprisonment for individuals and up to $500,000 for corporations!

Make sure your dental practice is prepared! Here’s how:

  • speak to us about your minimum obligations to your employees and read our Bill 148 for Dentists booklet that will explain the new employment laws.
  • review and update your health and safety policies (harassment, violence, sexual harassment, right to refuse unsafe work, etc.) and your employment policies (personal emergency leave, public holiday pay, vacation pay, equal pay for equal work). If you do not have these in place, speak to us about having an office policy manual customized for your office.
  • reinvigorate your health and safety rep or your health and safety committee. Make sure they are doing monthly safety inspections. If they are not trained, ensure you provide them with appropriate training.
  • train your staff on health and safety in your office and also about their rights/responsibilities under the new employment laws.

Please note that the information provided herein should not be considered legal advice and is provided for informational and educational purposes only. If you need advice about the new employment laws or office policy manuals, please contact us.  We are your legal dental team.

The Content of this post is provided for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be legal, financial, tax, or other professional advice of any kind. You are advised to contact DMC (or other counsel) to seek specific legal advice concerning your individual situation.