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The Enlightened Dentist

By November 21, 2023November 29th, 2023Michael's Operatory

There’s a lot of misunderstanding about what living a life of enlightenment means. Many people think of it as if they’re going to meditate all day, wearing robes, and living on some remote island. Others consider it more as if you’re gaining superpowers. But the reality is something different, and that’s what we will talk about today – enlightenment and what it means to truly see the world around us. I’ll tell you my interpretation of enlightenment and how it applies to dentistry.

What Is Enlightenment?

What does it mean to be enlightened? To me, it means that you’re in the process of defogging your windshield. It is as if you get in your car, and the frost covers your view of the world. So you turn on the heater. And you wait and surrender to the process. As the heat starts to melt the frost, you begin to drive. It’s still not 100% clear. You can’t see everything perfectly, but you can manage. However, you may hit a pothole, miss a turn or get cut off and be upset. But you keep going as the defroster does its job. And you start to ease up as things start to get clearer. Then, eventually, EVERYTHING becomes clear. And it’s when the windshield is fully defrosted that you can see the world for what it is – in all of its moment-by-moment beauty. It’s all a gift and blessing for your soul to enjoy!

How Do You Get There?

It’s that process of heating the windshield that I would describe as the “awakening” or “enlightenment” process. The process of shedding, purifying and purging old karma, old dense energies, and old belief systems. Why? To help shift yourself and everything around you into a brighter, clearer space.

What does this look like?

  • Presence
    • Living in the moment – not worrying about the past or future.
  • Gratitude
    • Being grateful for yourself, your body and all living things
  • No Ego
    • Not minding whatever happens and flowing with it.
  • Detachment
    • Detaching from co-dependencies (on money, emotions, people, cell phones/screens, food, drugs, alcohol, going out, etc.)
  • Self-Love
    • Learning to love yourself most on all levels (emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual).
  • Alignment
    • Aligning to your highest timeline or best possible version of yourself.
  • Oneness
    • Balancing and integrating your masculine and feminine energies as one in your responses.

What Does it Mean For a Dentist?

The term dentist reflects what you do, contributing to what form you take in your day-to-day life. Let me be clear: having the title of “dentist” is NOT who you are (i.e. a perfect, complete, whole soul which is here to BE, experience and receive unconditional love to raise the collective vibration of the universe). When you wake up each morning, you have to get back into the 3D world and remind yourself that you have a job, a career, a family, a home, obligations, etc. And one of those morning reminders of the form that you’re taking is: I AM A DENTIST.

But before you put on that title, I’d encourage you to take some time to remind yourself of who you truly are – i.e. a soul having a human experience. Here are some things you can do to remind yourself of how to “be in soul” and live your best possible life:

  • Be grateful for another day on this beautiful planet, irrespective of your personal circumstances. You’re here. You woke up. It’s a great start!
  • Sit alone and meditate or pray. Empty yourself of thought so you can listen to your soul speaking. It speaks wisdom. You can enhance the experience through lighting a candle, having an altar, spraying fragrance, etc. Just make sure you’re not distracted by sights and sounds so that your soul can speak to your mind without interference.
  • Journal. Whether writing or recording an audio or video, you can talk about what you’re grateful for and what wisdom you gained by sitting alone and meditating or praying.
  • Eat and drink the best quality food. You are occupying a vessel to carry around your soul. Treat it with respect. Eat and drink in balance. If you find yourself reaching for co-dependencies like too much of a bad thing, ask yourself: why? What is it that I’m trying to compensate for? This requires you to look deep within and heal.
  • Sleep. You need to rest to heal your body. Sleep also gives your soul a chance to download more information and share it with your mind. This is the time when you do some of your most creative thinking.
  • Exercise. Again, you need to treat your body properly so it lasts and can avoid sickness.
  • Get out in nature. Make time to be around the elements – water, dirt, plants and animals. Don’t listen to anything but nature. Don’t watch anything but nature. Don’t rush. Take up every moment. Love every breath you take. Give thanks for falling in love with what nature presents naturally: birth, life, death, re-birth. The beauty of nature will help you fall in love with life itself. And put a big smile on your face.
  • Educate yourself. Read something new to gain knowledge. You gain wisdom from within when you are still, and you gain knowledge from without by actively reading, writing, researching, etc. By always embracing wisdom and knowledge, you will always be right where you need to be for the task at hand.

Because we don’t wake up ready to face the world, we need to develop a daily ritual involving each activity above. Once you’ve gone through such a morning routine, you are in the best possible state of mind – that of internal balance and alignment with your best possible self. You will feel a peace that allows you to not mind what happens around you and easily flow with life.

At the Office

When you show up at the office, carry that balance, alignment and peace of mind with you. The universe will test you moment by moment to see if you’re ready to live your best possible life. There will be challenges. Past success does not guarantee future success. You can’t reminisce on the past or worry about the future; you need to live in the present. You ARE PRESENCE. So take your morning ritual and bring it with you into the operatory:

  • Greet patients with a smile and thank them for coming.
  • Ask them about them and learn from them.
  • Heal them (you are a healer, after all!).
  • Comfort them.
  • Calm them (with your words, light music in the background, etc.).

Keeping Your Vibe High

Maintaining your high vibration goes a long way throughout the day in affecting other low vibrations. What do I mean by high vibration? I mean vibrations of abundance, love, travel, family, etc. All the good stuff that fills your life with happiness and joy. When you feel these things, you attract them into your life. But, when you succumb to low-vibration feelings (e.g. pride, jealousy, anger, bitterness, lust, insecurity, lack of self-worth), you attract those into your life and the cycle is perpetuated. Love attracts love; anger attracts anger. You get the idea.

So, if you operate at a high vibe and you come across a patient or team member at a low vibe, make sure to stay at a high vibe. The effect will either be for them to feel and start to vibrate at your high vibe energy OR they will not be able to withstand it, and they will need to detach from you – which is also good since it will allow you to attract higher vibe team members and patients. Either way, by staying high vibe – you win at life!

Bottom Line

As service providers, we can get so engrossed in our little room in the world that we forget to step back and live life. It’s impossible to define enlightenment in so few points, but understanding enlightenment is easier when you can learn to let go and stop worrying. Incorporating these ideas into your daily life will help you take that step back and learn to let go. And it will not take long before you start truly enjoying your life and maybe even begin to feel enlightened yourself. Anything is possible when we learn how to choose our thoughts, language, attitude and actions.

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