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Trudeau Government is No Friend To Dentists

By June 21, 2017June 2nd, 2022Michael's Operatory

Since taking office, the Trudeau Government has introduced higher tax rates for those earning the most (i.e. those who’ve worked hard to build their business).

The Trudeau Government has eliminated the previous government’s income splitting among family members tax benefit, which was designed to help one-earner families where the other spouse stays home to take care of children. They’ve now taking aim at the use of professional corporations to split income among family members by paying dividends (details coming in the next few months about this one!).

There’s also been historical talk/rumour about changing the rules for corporations to qualify for the 15% small business tax rate (you would need to have a certain minimum number of employees) AND increasing the inclusion rate for the lifetime capital gains (from 50% to 75%).

The Trudeau Government doesn’t seem to care if you have a pension built up in your professional corporation; they want to force you to spend your hard-earned money hiring people you may / may not need and NOT keeping money in your bank account for rainy days and retirement. They want you to pay more taxes to help pay for their infrastructure plan – which by the way, we have NO IDEA how much it will end up costing!

They are unfairly casting a wide and destructive net across all of Canada’s small business owners – which employ 80% of Canadians! Taking away these tax benefits makes wanting to do business in Canada LESS ATTRACTIVE. They are contributing to another brain drain (like in the past, when smart doctors and professionals threatened to leave unless they had certain tax benefits put into place).

We need dentists, doctors, and other small business owners to WANT to come and stay in Canada, hire employees, and be able to save for their own retirement. They feed entire industries and by unfairly targeting them, we make Canada look way too socialist. Why should the government strip away tax benefits for those who took risks to start their own business; who have to think about their businesses day and night; who need to worry about regulations/insurance/taxes/dealing with professionals. Every day employees don’t have these burdens. They shut off at 5:00 p.m. and don’t worry on weekends. If they lose their jobs, they can find another. If a small business owner like a dentist goes bankrupt, they lose it all and have a social stigma.   There’s more risk to having your own business; so the rewards should be greater. That’s how capitalism works!

The Trudeau government should stop picking on those who risk more and add such great value to our wonderful country. And stop trying to tell us what we should be doing with our money by punishing us if we don’t toe the Liberal Party’s line!

Just some thoughts…

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