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Presenting to dentists on Western Caribbean Cruise (U of T)

By March 2, 2015June 27th, 2023DMC News & Events

I just came back from presenting to dentists at U of T’s Western Caribbean Cruise (aboard the Celebrity Silhouette).  I took the family down and we all had a blast.  The good news is that I didn’t gain weight (which was very difficult!).

Here are some pictures of the various ports of call we visited during our Western Caribbean Cruise last week. My favourite was definitely the final beach party in Labadee, Haiti. For me, it was not only the most beautiful place, but the beaches there were some of the best I’ve ever been to. We spent the entire day at the beach, had burgers / hotdogs / etc. and the drink service was impeccable. Definitely recommend it! Other places of note were “Hell” (limestone turned black) and the Turtle Farm in Grand Cayman, as well as the shops in Jamaica (cheap alcohol and great coffee).  Here are some pics:


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