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World Best Beer Just came to Ontario… “Delirium Tremens”

By December 22, 2014September 10th, 2021Michael's Operatory

So I asked Ljubica (another lawyer at our firm) what her favourite beer was.  She didn’t hesitate for 1 second.  “Delirium Tremens”, she said.  “Never heard of it”, I responded.  She proceeded to educate me.  It’s a Belgian Beer, unavailable in Ontario in bottle format.   It’s super smooth, triple distilled, and has a fruity note to it.  It’s unlike any beer you’ve ever had.  And it has an almost 9% alcohol content, so most people trying it out just drink 1 bottle.  The bottle itself seems quirky too (off white background with small black dots and a pink elephant as the mascot).  It’s referring to the name (which refers to getting the shakes and possible hallucinations).

“Wow!  Where can I get some?, I asked”.  Unfortunately, at the time, I couldn’t.  The LCBO wasn’t carrying it because of it’s name.  And the Beer Store only had $300 kegs, which I wasn’t interested in.  Disappointed, I forgot about Delirium Tremens and the idea of tasting the world’s greatest beer.

That was until a few days ago.  I did a random search on Google and guess what, a Toronto Star story popped up about from October (just 2 months ago).  The story talked about how Ontario’s Beer Store had done a deal to allow Delirium Tremens to appear at the Beer Store.  Wow!  I went onto the Beer Store’s website and found a store (a little off in the distance) that was carrying a few bottles.  They were a bit pricey for beer: a 24 cost about $90!  So I drove out and bought 26 bottles.  The 2 guys at the Beer Store couldn’t believe I was buying a 24; we’ve never seen anyone buy that many!  But they commented on how delicious the beer was.  They suggested that I drink it out of a glass so I could smell all the fruity notes.  They warned me that it was cloudy in appearance and unlike any other beer I’ve tried.  But it was their favourite.  Talk about word-of-mouth marketing!!!

I went back to the office and opened up one with Ljubica.

Ladies and gentlemen: you need to try this beer (at least once).  It is simply amazing.  Fruity, crisp, clean, smooth finish.  And it only takes half a bottle before you start to feel it (at 8.7%).  The very next day, in the middle of the night, I went out to another Beer Store off in the distance (because the first one I went to had sold out) and bought 3 cases.   I had called the Beer store and told them I was on my way.  I didn’t bother reserving any because, I figured, who would be crazy enough to drive out on a Saturday night to a far off Beer Store to buy this relatively unknown beer?  They had 4 cases when I called.  When I arrived 20 minutes later, they only had 3.  The guy who left before me was carrying out a case.  The Beer Store employees told me that this stuff was flying off the shelves – it was that good…

I’m not usually a beer guy.  I like my Stella or Corona, but so what?  You can get that beer anywhere.  And it’s good, not great.  Delirium Tremens is great beer.  Treat yourself.  Find some.  Get some.  You won’t regret it.  It’s worth the price (about $4 a bottle).  Enjoy and drink responsibly!