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4 Things You Need to Know about the ESA Poster

By March 23, 2016November 5th, 2019Employment Law

If you didn’t know already, the Ontario’s Employment Standards Act (ESA) requires all employers to post a copy of the latest version of the employment standards poster in their offices (you can get a copy of the poster here).  This applies equally to dental practices!

Here are 4 of the things you need to know about this poster to make sure your practice is up to date.

  1. The law requires employers not only to POST the poster in a conspicuous area, but also to deliver a COPY of the poster to every employee.  This can be done via email or hard copy.
  2. The poster must be displayed in English, but if the majority of employees speak another language, you must post a second poster in that language (there are translations of the poster online).
  3. If you do the above two steps, your practice would technically be in violation of the Employment Standards Act and could face enforcement action from an employment standards officer.
  4. If you have a previous version of the poster already in the office, it must be updated with the new version.

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