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A Brand is NOT a Logo

By May 11, 2014April 28th, 2021Practice Management

So I asked a client of mine at the Ontario Dental Association’s Annual Spring Meeting: “How is your marketing coming along?”   He had just bought a new practice and said: I’m getting a logo put together and then I’ll pay to have some flyers sent out.  My jaw dropped.  Obviously, he hasn’t been on our website,, and hasn’t been reading or watching our videos.  My own client.  I get it.  He’s busy.  And I remind him all the time to think about marketing as soon as he gets his new practice.  BUT… alas… So now it’s time for a refresher.

And here it is: Marketing is not Advertising.  Marketing is all of our efforts to communicate with your client.  Advertising is done only in print (graphics, pictures, text, etc.).  And I want you to remember this one: don’t you dare spend one cent of your hard-earned $$$ on advertising, creating a logo, distributing flyers, etc. without reading this: YOU NEED A STRATEGY FIRST.

So what’s your strategy?  This is the strategy that you’re going to start off with to get more patients in your chairs.  This is the thing that all other things (including your logo and print advertising, website, and colour of your office, etc.) will revolve around.  This is your BRAND strategy.  This is the thing that goes in between your patient (end-user) and your dental services (product).  This is what you’re going to emphasize over and over again until everyone (your staff, your patients, the media, etc.) remembers you for.

And your brand is the thing that is going to spread.  It’s the thing that’s going to attract top-quality talent (front desk, chairside assistant, hygienist).  Your brand will communicate a message to everyone and you won’t be able to keep up with the rush of patients beating down your door and wanting to experience it

So what is a brand?  Well, I’ve blogged about it before, so you can just click this link to read about branding and then you can read this to see how branding applies to dentistry.  And if you’ve still got time to read and enjoy learning, then read this article I wrote in Oral Health Office about niche marketing.



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