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Employment Law Changes & Updates

By November 30, 2023December 6th, 2023Employment Law

The dental industry is regulated by various laws, regulations, rules and guidelines from the government and the RCDSO. This multi-lawyered regulation can be confusing and overwhelming. And the ever-changing laws and court decisions can make it difficult for a busy dentist to keep up. That’s why we do the leg work for you.

The DMC Employment team is dedicated to helping dentists understand and minimize the risks associated with being an employer. We stay current on any changes to employment law and are here to help you understand how they apply to your business and the dental industry in general. You can focus on your practice yet still stay informed of any resulting changes you may need to make through our update posts below and speaking with our team.

Most Recent Employment Law Updates:

Proposed Changes Could Affect Dentist Employers In Ontario

The Ontario government recently tabled the Working for Workers Four Act, 2023, which is making its way through rounds of legislative debate. Read more here.

Ontario IDEL Paid-Days Extended to 2023

The Government of Ontario announced that the Infectious Disease Emergency Leave (IDEL) would be extended again, this time to March 31, 2023. Learn more here.

The End of Deemed IDEL: What Dentists Need to Know

The expiry of Ontario’s deemed IDEL could leave dentists vulnerable to constructive dismissal claims as of July 31st!

Extension for COVID Paid Days Off & Reimbursements

The new deadline to apply for reimbursement for employee’s paid COVID-related days off is July 29, 2023. See details here about when these days can be used by employees and how you can submit a reimbursement claim.

New Minimum Wage Increase in Ontario

Under the Making Ontario Open for Business Act, the minimum wage increase for general workers takes effect on January 1, 2022. If you own your practice, you need to make sure your employees’ wages align with the new standards. Read more here.

Layoffs During COVID Could Mean Wrongful Termination Lawsuits

A new Ontario court decision says employers who had to temporarily lay off team members due to COVID can still be sued for wrongful termination despite regulation otherwise! Find out more here.

Ontario Court Invalidates Many Employment Agreements

The Supreme Court of Canada has confirmed the Waksdale decision by refusing to hear the appeal, effectively rendering the termination provisions in most employment agreements unenforceable. Find out here if your employment contracts are no longer protecting you from employee liability on termination.


If you are unsure of your rights/responsibilities as an employer, please send DMC an email or give us a call. We are happy to help and offer more information on these and any other employment issues.  And find more information and insights on legal updates in the dental industry here:


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