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Mission Accomplished: 2nd Annual Niagara Falls Winery Tour

By April 19, 2016June 27th, 2023DMC News & Events

Last year, we assembled a fun group of dentists and spouses to participate in our first Annual Niagara Falls Winery Tour. It was interesting, to say the least. We definitely had a great time, although we probably could have done a better job with some last-minute details. Well, we decided to do it again this year… Bigger and Better… the feedback was very good overall. Great wine, great food, and great company.

So on behalf of myself and David Mayzel, Matt Bladowski (dental appraiser/consultant with Dental Strategy) and Rupert Hamilton and Chad Fink (TD Wealth), I wanted to say THANKS to all of this year’s participants, namely: Dr. Samir Barsoum and Christine Barsoum, Dr. Danny Pogoda and Krys Pogoda, Dr. Dave Brown and Judy Brown, Dr. Alex Koranyi and Carol Koranyi, Dr. Garry Walduda and Suzanne Walduda, Dr. Phillip Tzemis and Maria Tzemis, Dr. Nohora Martinez + her lovely husband Matt Bladowski, and Dr. Ivo Uhlir and Bo Zapleta.

Here are some pics… notice the TRIPLE P near the end (hand gestures)??? Yeah ‘Mon! Straight from Negril, Jamaica!


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