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Have Your Say on PayTransparency Act

By March 14, 2019November 5th, 2019Employment Law

We always keep dentists up to date on laws that will affect them – this is another one of those times!

The Ontario government has opened public consultations to gather views on the rules around the Pay Transparency Act.

In a Consultation Paper published by the Ministry of Labour, the Government is asking for written submissions from interested individuals and groups on the proposed reporting requirements of pay.

The Government has said that the proposed regulation would set out the requirements for large employers (100+ employees) to calculate, and publicize information about wage gaps and workforce composition based on gender.

(Previous drafts of the regulations had requirements that affected all employers, not just large ones.  So these consultations may impact all the regulations, or the government may ask for more consultation from small and medium sized businesses in the future).

If you have any comments about the proposed rules in the above Consultation Paper, you can send written submissions by April 5, 2019  to

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