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“Snapply to Work Here”

By March 26, 2019November 5th, 2019Employment Law

Would you hire someone through Snapchat?

McDonald’s Canada is betting they can – and they have started to recruit through Snapchat!

Snapplications soon to be made to McDonald’s Canada

According to HCA Magazine, McDonald’s Canada has launched a virtual hiring tool using the popular messaging app, where millennials can send in their applications online.

All potential applicants have to do is to look for a unique “lens” on the app and record a 30-second video telling McDonald’s why they want to work for the company. The application is submitted with the touch of a button to hiring managers.

Management at McDonald’s said the application process was “convenient… flexible” and would attract more young people to apply to work there.

“From youth applying for their first jobs, to experienced candidates, Snapplications is a new and exciting way for people to kick-start a career at McDonald’s Canada” they said.

Do you think this would work for dental offices?  Throw on top of that targeted ads, geofencing, and hashtagging… well that is one way to recruit young people to work for you.

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